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Finn-Korkki – RingCrown, RipCap and Ring Pull Cap Sealing Machines

Finn-Korkki is a world leader in the manufacture of ring pull caps. Suitable for a wide range of carbonated, still, pasteurised and sterilised beverages, ring pull bottle caps can be seen on glass, plastic and aluminium bottles. RingCrown and RipCap closures help our customers create, market and sustain their brands.

Ring pull bottle caps and sealing machines

Finn-Korkki is the only global solutions provider that manufactures sealing machines for ring pull caps, and makes a range of ring pull caps. These two core skills combined, provide our customers with access to unrivalled knowledge of ring pull bottle caps and ring pull cap sealing machines.

RingCrown Technology offers ring pull cap equipment for all types and sizes of ring pull cap

Benefiting from decades of continuous development, RingCrown sealing machines offer simplicity, durability and low maintenance. Our latest generation of ring pull equipment is designed to work with a variety of ring pull caps. Our new equipment also contains quick change features which are designed to reduce product change over time to a minimum. Such flexibility and a design that facilitates the capping of different beverage brands, each with its own distinctive ring pull cap, means return on investment is maximised.

RingCrown caps for carbonate and non-carbonated drinks in glass, plastic and metal bottles

Steel and aluminium ring pull caps

The roots of Finnish company Finn-Korkki reach back to 1868, when the founders established a company dedicated to the manufacture of bottle closures for the beverage industry, starting with natural cork stoppers. By the 1930s, the world's first tear-off closure was being produced, using aluminium with a cork inlay, building on the company's initial specialisation and raw material knowledge.

The company continued to progress in terms of innovation and design, bringing bottle caps that were pre-scored with a plastic inlay to the market in the early 1970s. It was around this time that Finn-Korkki started to manufacture crown caps and the maxi cap, a tear-off bottle cap that used a tab.

In the mid 80s, Finn-Korkki introduced steel ring pull caps too. This ring pull cap originally called MaxiCrown, known today as RingCrown, has proved to be the most successful product in our portfolio.

RipCap ring pull caps

The acquisition of RipCap Closure Systems in 2007, broadened our bottle cap range to include RipCap ring pull caps. RipCap wide mouth bottle closures bring smooth drinkability to the end user and are ideal for alcoholic carbonated drinks, such as beer and cider.

RipCap, suitable for beer, spirits, wine and carbonated, pasteurised or sterilised beverages. Available in 26mm and the wide mouth42mm

RipCap wide mouth bottle closures offer smooth drinkability to the customer, and are ideal for alcoholic carbonated drinks, such as beer and cider.

ringpull bottle caps
Ring pull bottle caps

LuxTop - Luxury aluminium closures for glass bottles

Finn-Korkki is known for luxury aluminium closures. The LuxTop features on the award winning Veen water bottle. A range of closures are available in aluminium or printed aluminium decorations. Optionally, the top of the cap can be embossed. Many of the LuxTop closures benefit from a tamper-evident band, thereby giving the customer confidence in the originality of the beverage. It is a luxury bottle closure that is usable with carbonated beverages in glass bottles.

Leading suppliers of ring pull caps

Finn-Korkki is a company that offers flexibility, innovation and tradition. We have unrivalled knowledge on ring pull cap equipment and offer Europe's biggest selection of ring pull caps. Our export experience is extensive, with knowledge of export to more than 50 countries globally.

Demand for Finn-Korkki's innovative products is continuously growing. To successfully supply this demand, our production space doubled in size in 2012 with the building of a new factory hall.

Ring pull bottle caps for market growth

Do you have a brand that will benefit from the marketing opportunities of RingCrown caps? Our customers use ring crown caps to create growth and protect market share. For more information on ring pull caps see our contact details.

Finn-Korkki: Bottle caps to create, market and sustain your brand!

Contact details:
Finn-Korkki Oy

Konepajantie 10
Phone: +358 (0)3 628 641
Email: info@finn-korkki.com
Website: www.finn-korkki.com